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The Omaha Nation Community Response Team (ONCRT) is a private, non-profit organization that serves the residents of the Omaha Reservation in Northeastern Nebraska.  As a community-based organization, we strive to provide quality prevention, intervention, and community mobilization services and activities, emphasizing the inclusion of Omaha culture as the primary protective factor in bringing about positive changes in the community.  The ONCRT works at the grass root level, creating partnerships with tribal programs, the State of Nebraska, local organizations, and community stakeholders concerning a variety of youth issues.

Our Mission

The mission of the ONCRT is to lead our community toward wellness by supporting our youth through traditional and contemporary teachings and modeling, utilizing the highest quality resources available to the Omaha Nation.

Our Vision

It is the vision to the ONCRT that:

The ONCRT operates under the belief that it must serve all the youth of the community. The programs and services provided must grounded in and reflect the beliefs, teachings, and traditions of the Omaha Nation.